A new project looks to raise autism awareness in sport – Autism in Practice – September 2014

In the second feature of four for the September 2014 issue of Autism in Practice, I looked into the creation of Active for autism. As an initiative from The National Autistic Society, it is looking to work with sports coaches in Great Britain to build a greater awareness of autism in young people who may be looking to stay active.

The National Autistic Society is looking to work with sports coaches in a bid to include more people with autism in sport across the UK from January 2015.

With support from The Peter Harrison Foundation, a charity developed to assist disabled people who may struggle to find opportunities that can help them to move forward in life, the Sylvia Adams Trust, the Weinstock Fund and HiT Entertainment, Active for autism will attempt to make sporting activities enjoyable where they may currently be daunting. Continue reading

Being part of the 79%

I am autistic, I am looking for full-time employment and I am not alone in discovering that it is almost impossible to find any.

However, there is a reason why the chance of a change in the near future is nothing to get excited about.

The National Autistic Society, a charity that is based in Great Britain which aims to improve the lives of not only those that live with a disability that can be found on the autistic spectrum but also families and friends that are affected too, have commissioned a report which explains how tough it is for those with autism to find full-time employment. Continue reading