Me, myself and I

What have you decided to do for Valentines Day this year? How are you planning to show your love for your significant other at the time of year where we are meant to appreciate the person who has decided to give themselves to you?

Will you be going out for a romantic meal? Perhaps a nice stroll afterwards under the moonlight and stars? Maybe even a flight if you’ve had the forward planning to take an umbrella along on what is shaping to be another windy winter’s night?

That sounds lovely doesn’t it? Or does the thought of relaxing and sitting in the warmth at home sound a better option? I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to have a partner in recent years but for the first time in a long time, Valentines Day hasn’t got me down in 2014 and I think I’ve figured out the reason why. Continue reading

Embracing The Undateables

12 disabled singletons, four of which are living with autism, have gone on a journey in front of television cameras to try and achieve one common goal that would make their lives much sweeter than it is as they live alone.

They are looking for love, and they have decided to let a viewing nation in on their search for it as they become The Undateables.

Following on from Truly Madly Deeply, a documentary which was shown in 2006 by Channel 4, a British television broadcaster, an opportunity to help each Undateable to find what they are looking for is a journey that viewers have been taken on over the last two years."The"The"The"The Continue reading