The Graduate

On the morning of Thursday 22nd November 2012, I achieved something which has been the biggest goal that I have tried to achieve in my lifetime to date.

I’ve graduated from a BA (Hons) degree course in Sports Journalism at Southampton Solent University and by doing so, escaped from a four-year hold of mental distress and ill feeling that made me look at my life in a completely different way to how I seen things before I began studying.

Sure, the classification of the qualification which I ended my time at university with is something that I still feel odd about, but I can now appreciate that I have gone a long way along my own personal journey by living independently and studying. Continue reading

Meet Desmond


Yes, a first. The highest honour that you can bestow on anybody in life for an achievement that they have worked towards, but it wasn’t for my endless nights of studying in the library at university that I eventually reaped this reward. It was for a daily challenge match that I won on Stick Tennis, an application on my smartphone which takes no skill or real knowledge to master.

However, I’ve also met Desmond. A new friend that isn’t the best at much in life, and perhaps he will not be a person who becomes the CEO at a major global company as he reaches the top of their hierarchy, but he works hard and is very keen to make the most of what he has. Continue reading