Good-giving is my 2014 Christmas telly ad theme

At Christmas, two of my passions come together in advertising and PR. Throughout the year, I enjoy watching adverts and enjoy trying to figure out the meaning of them. I enjoy considering whether a brand or business is trying to sell a product that benefits the consumer or instead, makes profit margins healthier.

By understanding a little about how business works through developing a specialist online recruitment agency in January 2013, I understand a brand has to sell itself. Advertising on television is a great way of doing this and whether a corporate approach in ‘Face’ from British Airways or a consumer-led approach in Stork S.B. Margarine’s long-running taste test campaign is used, respect builds trust.

As I seek to get my foot in the PR door in 2015, I’d love to be creative and honest in writing for brands who put consumers first. After watching many television adverts shown in the run-up to Christmas 2014 in Great Britain, I want to celebrate the work of The Coca-Cola Company, John Lewis and Waitrose. They show how it is good to give to those you love, rather than just receive. I believe they show how consumers can give to each other where I believe Sainsbury’s have shown how creating a profit happens through buying a range of products in-store while buying one chocolate bar that gives proceeds to The Royal British Legion. This is bad giving but I feel they’re bucking the trend: Continue reading