The penny drops for 50 Cent

On Wednesday 4th July 2012, 50 Cent saddened and alienated many of his followers on Twitter and members of the general public that are either affected by or know others that are affected by autism.

Having received a tweet from one of his many followers that seemed to cause offence, a response which branded the sender as disabled by saying “Yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic” has caused mass outrage.

Such a way of making feelings known is merely childlike. Names and insults are usually shouted out on the school playground between little children who are looking to cause trouble or retaliate. Continue reading

Looking autistic

When a message is posted on Twitter or any other social networking website, it is revealed to the world and is released into the public domain.

When you are popular and have many fans and admirers, your thoughts are made even more important as there are people who look up to you. The words that are shared are used as a mantra of sorts, and beliefs that are shared in a tweet can often be then felt by those who want to be like the tweeter who has originally come up with them. No matter how damaging they may be to a select group of people that see them.

Take note of this, 50 Cent. Or may I call you Curtis? Continue reading