My Guest Speaking

As a guest speaker, I’ve had opportunities to share how people with autism can be given more support in a variety of different ways.

On Wednesday 26th March 2014, I was invited by The Prince’s Trust to speak to employees from their head office in London. The opportunity was taken up to try and show how employable a person with autism can be, as one of my biggest passions is to bring more people with autism into full-time employment than the current level of 15%. I wanted to show how people with autism can be alert, clear, honest, loyal, passionate and precise, while also sharing my own experiences of being self-employed, being employed on a permanent basis by others and also my time in voluntary work. Feedback received by employees from The Prince’s Trust has been extremely positive.

On Wednesday 2nd April 2014, I spoke to care providers in the West Midlands on World Autism Awareness Day as part of Fairway Training’s Autism Awareness Workshop for Parents and Families. Using my experience of social media, I shared some hints and tips on how they could reach out better to people with autism who are looking for support but struggling to find it. Again, the feedback has been positive.

On Saturday 28th June 2014, I had a chance to meet people with autism and loved ones of people with autism at The Autism Show. Held at EventCity, Manchester, I was given a chance to talk by the organisers of the event about alternative routes into employment. Through combining my own experiences with the thoughts of others with autism who have found employment and also journalists who have an interest in the voluntary sector, I looked to offer hope.

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