A socially awkward superhero

I’m a socially awkward superhero.

Whether I am meeting somebody and holding back when they look like they want to go in for a bit of a cuddle, or probably a quick embrace to be friendly, or when I am on Facebook and Twitter and getting annoyed by friends or followers, I’m rubbish at following the protocol of what I should do.

There is always a feeling that I cannot read the signs in my real life and also my life on social media, but I’m wondering why this is. Do I have poor communication skills as a result of trying to figure out the Asperger’s Syndrome that I live with, or am I just over-thinking the whole idea of social etiquette? Please walk with me as I share my thoughts, and feel free to like or favourite this foray into my superhero mind!

On my personal Twitter account, I don't favourite many tweets but for those who do, is there a reason why you do it?

On my personal Twitter account, I don’t favourite many tweets but for those who do, is there a reason why you do it?

That is something which on this occasion, I won’t mind, but it is something that usually makes me feel a bit insecure.

The weird thing about this, if it isn’t already weird enough to say that a liked comment without a reply on Facebook or a favourited tweet on Twitter without a response is something that gives me a bit of a complex, is that it is something that I’m sure my real life friends or social media friends know about.

After all, is a like or a favourite not something that is given out with love? Or is it just a quick way of acknowledging that you’ve received a reply, but that you have no idea what to say back?

I’m sure I’m looking into this too much but it makes me feel like I’m awkward. It makes me feel like what I say isn’t expected, or that it’s a bit odd.

Please let me know if I’m not alone in feeling this though?

There could be a valid and very sweet reason why somebody would like to keep hold of tweets, for example, if they mean a lot to them. The memory of receiving them could be something they want to cherish and because of this, they want to keep hold of them, but this where my awkwardness sets in.

My brain starts ticking and I start to try and look for answers when they might not exist.

This stuff could send you stir crazy if you tend to live in a social media world, which may be the case for a lot of people in the modern world as you can’t get away from updating your status or telling everybody what you’ve just had for your dinner in 140 characters. Whether you use a computer or a smartphone, the fascination of thinking about social media or even having it in your head where you think about liking or favouriting something that somebody has said in the real world, even when you’re not online, is worrying.

A friend of mine has experienced this, and it makes me wonder if there are people out there who are more obsessed with social media protocol then I am.

I don’t see it everywhere I go!

What I do encounter when I go out though are greetings with friends or business contacts.

These are something I struggle with because where it is fairly easy with a man as a hearty handshake is almost always the best way to go, how should you be with a woman? What is the social etiquette from say, a first meeting where you go in for the handshake as the most formal way of getting to know somebody, and then what would you do in a second meeting or so on where a chance may come up to have a hug or a kiss on the cheek?

Wondering if I should give a kiss on the cheek when I get a hug where a cheek is turned towards me is something which throws me every time. Sometimes I don’t realise until the moment has gone and by then, there is a sense of guilt that I’ve missed something that was expected.

Again, I can’t help but wonder if this confusion is something that is just part of me or is it something that you feel too, if you’re autistic?

Please let me know if I’m not alone in looking at likes, favourites and hugs as moments where I’m socially awkward because that is the reason why I’ve wrote this blog piece. I know I’m socially awkward and I know I’m no superhero, but that’s just a confidence boost to stop me feeling so odd!

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