Criminality or uneducated belief?

Every now and then, stories will break on a national or international basis which will become the talking point at the water cooler, wine bar or the basis of a good conversation over the telephone.

While this can be seen as a good or bad thing when the subject matter is bought into context, a lack of seeing the big picture and understanding the whole situation could create shocking consequences – this being the entire reason behind two criminal cases of recent times that I am about to discuss so please do share your thoughts on what is mentioned below.

Providing a sense of interest and perhaps to use such a word, voyeurism, as news offers a view on the world which people may be unable to discover by other means, reports can usually be taken for how they are described but can also be misconstrued as motives and reasons behind a story are completely avoided as an issue of uneducated belief.

Is Gary McKinnon a victim of narrow-minded journalism?Photo Credit - Janis Sharp and Gary McKinnon.

Is Gary McKinnon a victim of narrow-minded journalism?
Photo Credit – Janis Sharp and Gary McKinnon.

This isn’t necessarily a problem for those who discuss the news but as for those who deliver it, take these thoughts as a plea to do a little research and add understanding to hefty doses of sensationalism which naturally garners attention please?

Seeming to break the law of not just the United Kingdom but also the United States, an offence that is true and therefore cannot be denied, other causes such as disability and it’s traits can lead to crime being committed which could lie as a background story for Gary McKinnon and Sean Duffy that may not have been previously considered.

On hearing about what Gary and Sean have done through the reports which have come from highly respected sources throughout the UK, criminal tones are obvious and once again, completely understandable, though there is always a thought in my own mind that takes reason for committing such wrongdoing into account.

Aged 43 and 25 respectively with both receiving a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism which can impact problems with communicating and interacting socially on levels of severity which vary between those who live with the condition, could these issues lead to an explanation that may, in part, explain why they began to pursue acts which snowballed into events that have been reported so freely?

Going from personal experience, one subject can become a key feature of daily life for somebody that lives with Asperger’s and with this, act as a strong fascination.

Be it sport for myself, a love which only becomes criminal after a bad result on a Saturday afternoon, or computer hacking and an interest in targeting tribute sites, these could well explain why the aforementioned twosome got involved in their specific hobbies that can be seen as risky and more in the case of the first example rather than the latter, illegal.

Coupled with this, those who live with autism may also be easily led into committing acts by others who push quieter members or those who may be easily led into danger as they would prefer to cause problems at a distance without taking any of the responsibility.

Though sounding frankly unbelievable, such scenarios as those which are being publicized in the media could be encouraged through communication or interaction issues and with this in mind, look to be the person in the wrong when influence could be coming from others.

Of course these motives are only a consideration and therefore cannot be proved but a little research into Asperger’s behaviour wouldn’t be a bad thing?

These ideas of situations which may have sparked these acts are merely just a thought that constantly crosses my mind but it would be interesting to know if reporters take every single possibility into account.

Are you working in journalism?

Does research take place before facts are thrown at readers that have the ability to create uproar?

Hopefully some thought is given but if this doesn’t happen, reading between the lines could shed far more light onto a situation than words on a screen will ever do.

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