‘Being Normal’: A definition or state of mind?

Normal – adjective. Conforming to a standard; usual, typical or expected:

it’s quite normal for puppies to bolt their food

normal working hours

  • (of a person) free from physical or mental disorders.

Apparently it’s possible to define a sense of ‘normality’, therefore making it possible for people to brand others as average or not?

This is surely a wrong move in an incredibly mixed society that has become commonplace throughout the modern world?

There are many problems with this definition but it may not be completely wrong of the Oxford Dictionary to include it in either book form or through it’s online resource.

Freud’s idea of Normality

Being normal is said to be a state of mind where everything is just right, almost to a point where a brand or individual would have no quirks or distinctive features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Deciding to believe in this sense of utopia is a choice for everybody to make on their own merits, such a decision meaning that two people may share extremely contrasting views with the subject in mind but surely it’s practically impossible to have something which has no differences that ultimately make it unique from anything else?

Normality creates intrigue and suspense, these being two feelings that have shadowed every event throughout life on a personal level but it is difficult to digest an example which the dictionary offers as a definition of the word:

“To be normal ‘(of a person)’ is to be ‘free from physical or mental disorders'”.

Such a common misconception may be a bit of a cop-out when attempting to define a sense of feeling average, this perhaps being a thought that many people share but it really couldn’t be more wrong if it were followed by an oversized cross in red ink.

Good effort Oxford Dictionaries Online, but you must try harder in future.

Having a disability, whether it be physical or mental, is hardly a way of segregating society in scenarios that could only be seen as narrow minded or foolish.

Using the autistic spectrum as one example which could take in any disability which has been discovered since time began, there are unavoidable differences that could affect the behaviour of an individual but surely it is wrong to outcast somebody by saying they are not the same as anybody else?

There has always been a suspiscion from personal experience that a change of personality may be looked at as weakness but perhaps this mistake from an enormously respected publication makes everything clear.

It should never be said that something in life is or isn’t normal, how can somebody make the choice on what passes as regular or irregular activity?

Nobody can provide solid justification as there isn’t really anything to base a decision on.

Everybody is unique, everybody is special and if a group of people take the option to live exactly the same life, shared experiences would lack difference which could ultimately lead to no stories being created for those moments where five minutes of peace bring a little reflection.

Be you, don’t be somebody who goes along with the crowd. Embrace life and all the little imperfections that comes with it!

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